Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pop It, Lock it, Polka Dot it.

Now, I don't know about you.

But my mind always wanders around stuff while having conversation with anybody.

Of course I would give my best of commitment if I'm really into the topic.
Too bad if somebody drags me into a conversation that starts to bore me.

Such as; political views.

Trying to appear polite, I would once in a while chip in my views.
(Of course it happens when I manage to hit the pause button in my mind)

While the person is trying his/her very best to voice out his disappoinment etc.
My mind goes something like this:

"I think I should buy the blouse that I saw online yesterday. It was cheap" or
"Is that a shop? Did I just see a beautiful shop back there?"

Some compliments that can only be heard by me like this:
"Oh, (s)he has such beautiful teeth. I wish I have those!" or
"Oh, look! What a beautiful earring. Where does she get those?" or

The worst monologue that has ever popped into my mind goes something like this:
"Omaigooodddd! Banyaknye pimple die. Rase nak picittttttt je"
And my mind literally imagining that I am actually popping out the zits. EUwwwwww!

And you want to know another secret?
You won't even get a slightest hint that I am actually thinking about those things in my mind!

I know.

p/s: Don't worry. You won't be the victim of my imagination if
a) the topic doesn't bore me, or
b) you're not trying to be a smart ass in front of me, or
c) we are at a good restaurant that serves goooooooddddd fooood! =D

Btw, these kids are awesome: Have a look at this!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Never Know, Do You?

As a teacher, I put myself to a lots of suprises every day.

Be it will cause a heartache,
an unpleasant headache,
a tear in the eye (in the toilet),
an unwanted disappoinment,

a draw of smile on your face,
a tinge of pride when the students able to answer simple questions correctly,
or the most pleasant one (that I wish happen every day)
a small gesture made by my students that touches my heart.
(I am even smiling while typing this)

In one of the classes that I teach, there is this one shy boy.
None of the teachers could really talk eye to eye with him.
So in the end, it is either the teachers ignore him or the other way around.

As the form teacher, I think it is my job to break the ice.
I start with putting him at the front row so that I can easily reach to him if he has any problem in doing my work.
I praise him and tell the whole class whenever he does something good or answer correctly.
(His face is scarlet red whenever I praise him... Haha... you should see him)

Over the months, I believe I have managed to improve his level of confidence.
I used to hear his small voice when he tried to answer the questions that I threw to the whole class.
So, dengan nakalnye I imitate his voice.
Mestilah aku berdepan dengan risk yang amat tinggi, a) he changes to be more confident, or b) die menyampah dengan cikgu English sorang ni.
Amazingly, the next question, he eagerly stood up and answered very loudly.
"Wah, ni barulah macho!" Haha. Suke!

Ok Norzie, sudah2lah merapu, mananye part yang menyentuh hatimu itu?
Ok ok, baiklah... sila teruskan membaca.

Last Wednesday, I saw his drawing.
He immediately put everything under his table.
I asked him to take it out.
He did.
Woah, cantik gile I tell you. I believe he can be an artist tau!

So I asked him "Kenapa tak colour, ZJ?"
Him: Wa tade colour. Tade duit mao beli.

I went to my desk, took out RM5 note, gave it to him and said "Nah, buat beli colour. Now, simpan. English time"

Yesterday (Friday), I entered the class for relief.
He was colouring. I just let him be.
I asked the rest to do NILAM.
After a while, he stood up, went to the back of the classroom and pasted the drawing onto the noticeboard..
Mind you, it was not one but THREE of them!!

Picture one: Gundam.
Picture two: Some god fairy tale like drawing
Picture three: *Shocked*
It was me!
He sketched me wearing the baju kurung that I wore last Wednesday and written down there:
"Thank you, Cikgu Norzie"

And this shy boy made the decision to paste it on the noticeboard.
Classroom noticeboard?
I was flattered!

Oh man, how I wish I have a camera with me at that time!
He made my day! =D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm not proud of it but heh Baru Kau Tau!

As usual, my students looooove to curse. A lot.
They may not know about Subject Verb Agreement.
They may not know about Sentence Construction.
Heck, they don't even know to answer simple questions like.. "How old are you?"
But one thing for sure, they know how to curse... even to the teachers!
Demmit budak2 sekolah sekarang! =p

Like what happened yesterday in my remove class....

A boy suddenly punched a girl who sat next to him.
Simply because she did not want to give her answer to him about a simple quiz I asked them to do.
(Dasar gengste kecil!)
As the nanny of the classroom, I immediately yanked his hand before he could give her his second dose.
He stopped, turned around and guess what he said to me?


Oh Oh gengste kecil, dikau memang telah tersilap langkah!

With full force, I dragged him to the front of the classroom.
He struggled to stay at his own place.
I pulled him even harder.
Dah die terkepot kat depan kelas, he said "APA!?"

hah! aku pun naik hantu lah.


Hah! puas hati aku!

The boy didn't blinked. He was stunned.
I swear you might even hear the sound of a dropped needle, if there was any.
The class was that quite.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggggggggg!" The bell rang.
I walked out of the classroom, ignoring all of them.
Marah sangat barangkali.

Today, amazing thing happened.
I didn't even hear any curse word from any of them.
They behaved, like a wolf in a cage.

Heh, sometimes you do have to fight fire with fire I guess.
You wanna try?

p/s: Anda perlu mempunyai kemahiran berbahasa 'f' jika nak tau apa makian di atas ye. Terima kasih.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today, while I was teaching, one of my students told me that I had a chalk mark on my left cheek.
So, I rub it off and continued explaining.

He stopped me once again just to tell me that the mark was still there. So, I took out a tissue and wiped it off.

Then, he stood up just to gesture it was his left, which meant my right cheek. So, I used the same tissue to clean my right cheek. This time around, his classmates started to giggle.

Bang! It occured to me today is April Fool.

The student just confirmed it by saying out loud, "
April Fool, teacher! I is sorry!"

I was startled.
Not because of the joke, but actually that was the first sentence, fully in English (although there is an SVA mistake there) that he has ever spoken to me.
(Mind you, this is the last class in which more than half don't even know what to fill in when they see
NAME: ___________ during the exam).

Do you know want to know what was my response?

I did not laugh, not even smiled. I turned to my table and took my big cane, went to his table. With the most furious face that I could put on, I asked him to tell me what was his mistake.

The poor boy stuttered, " Sorry, teacher. Lenkali saya tak buat lagi. Gurau je tadi!

I said: "No. Kasi rotan satu!"

While the boy raised up his palm, he made a mistake by closing his eyes. I immediately used my chalk and gave chalk marks on both of his cheeks.

The whole class roared with laughter.

The boy immediately opened his eyes. I gestured to the whole class and in unison we yelled, "APRIL FOOL!!"

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