Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bundles of Laughter, A Tinge of Crankyness

2009 is inching closer. Bit by bit. When the clock strikes twelve tonight, year 2008 will drop its curtain and a fresh page with 2009 crafted on it will start.

A lot, I have learnt this year. One-third of them, will keep reminding me to be a better individual in 2009 onwards. Another one-third should be able to keep me smiling when I look back to what I have achieved this year whilst the last pieces that fit in 2008 puzzles will be forgotten.

So what have I achieved in 2008? Lemme see...

1) I have completed my degree. Second Class Upper is an achievement that matches the efforts I put forward for the last 5 and a half years. Alhamdulillah.

2) I have fiercely survived a twenty-one months with a special someone. Such a beautiful journey, I'd say. To The Man, you have helped me to complete the puzzle of my life. Thank you bb =)

3) I enjoyed my three months practicum. A lot. The groups of student that I had have really helped me to develop professionally and personally, especially in terms of time management.

4) I managed to save some money with my part time job as a Researcher Assistant. The amount of notes that paid my stay-ups should be able to help me to start the new phase of life in 2009 with less sleepless nights that fill to the brim with stress.

So, I do hope 2009 brings forth better memories and blesses with charming attitude students like the ones I had this year. I also hope 2009 is jam packed with love, a new sense of motivation, valuable new experiences, more hearty laughs with my sweethearts, more joyful moments to strengthen what I already have with The Man and more self-development opportunities.

I also know that life as an educator is filled with tons of stress and heart wrenching moments but I do hope all the stress will just mean that the happiness that succeeds it is sweeter =)

And to everyone reading this..


Monday, December 29, 2008

Uncle, You Just Pops My Balloon

Last two days, I just had my pre-practise for my driving license. I was shadowed with bad luck that day as I was taught by a horny old man. All the candidates were paired and so did I. I was paired with an 18 years old boy. Long story short, the instructor professionally taught both of us at first.

Unfortunately, when my pair was out to book for next practice dates, the instructor started to show his fangs. While I was driving, he started making a corny conversation with me by asking whether I'm married and I heard the gullible side of me saying "Not yet". I didn't realise it at first because I respect him as my instructor and of course as someone older than me. Then he continued to dwell on my private life up to the point he said something like this,

"Hmm, boyfriend sama umur ni tak bagus, nanti dia senang-senang je tinggalkan awak. Baik cari yang dah berumur, dia akan sayang awak lebih. Macam saya ni."

Ok, I was started to shiver by this point. When he realised I became very uneasy with what his conversation was heading to, he started giving excuse that he was doing all these to help me to calm down and drive spontaneously. Damn straight you're right old man, now I AM nervous! I know that I am in a car with a sex-maniac like you. My head was spinning searching for excuses so that I can get rid of him.

As a new learner, when I didn't concentrate with the driving, it was very easy for me to lose control of balancing the clutch and accelerator at a small hill thus cause the engine to jump, stop and the car moved backward. As I was trying to restart the engine, he laid his hand on my thigh and slowly rubbing it while saying, "jahat kaki ni, tak reti jaga clutch". Adrenaline flows rapidly that I could feel my heart beat throbbed abnormally. I pushed his hand away without saying anything. I was mad. To him. But more to myself as I felt defenseless. I completed my lesson that day without saying much and ignored his "calming talks" and went back home.

This didn't stop there. An unknown Malaccan number keep trying to reach me when I was back home. I assume it was him. When I didn't answer the call, he sms-ed me. I bet he obtained my phone number from the form that I filled for the pre-practise. That's it! I had enough of him.

I called the driving school the next day and blacklist him from being my instructor for next practices. I also told the clerk that En. Zakariya is not a professional and has sexually abused me verbally and physically. Not only that, this instructor tried to call and sms my number. She was shocked and immediately apologized on his behalf and promised that she will take action on this matter.

So, to the girls out there, if you're about to take a driving lesson, here's a piece of advice for you:

1) DO NOT wear tight jeans or top while learning to drive as you might cause the instructor to have sudden vasocongestion. You will be in a big trouble if his blood flows into his flaccid Mr P at a faster rate than it flows out (Not that I wore one that day, but you get my drift rite?)

2) Put a straight, unfriendly face the first time you meet the instructor. You may eventually add on your friendly skills after you are very sure that he is indeed a professional, NOT a pro-sex-ional. This was my biggest mistake that day!

3) Wear a nice ring on your finger, better be on your middle finger. If he starts to ask corny question followed by euuww-ish giggle like "Do you have a boyfriend?". Answer him by showing him THAT finger.

4) Grow your fingernails. A very useful weapon when you pushed his hand away if you ever experience my shameful circumstance. Let him learn his lesson babes!

5) If any of this doesn't work, stop the car immediately, get out of the car, run and ask for help. He will get a better lesson!

6) Lodge a report to the driving school. This is the best yet the last resort as you might risk a big gossip afterward. But better be a star in a gossip than let his dirty hands on you =)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I miss Easy Way's Mango Puding with Rainbow Jelly

Three years back, I was so nervous about the university placement. I was hoping that I got New Zealand, didn't matter if it was in Wellington or Auckland. I thought that New Zealand would really suit my taste of scenery. I'd already browsed and secretly planned my ski trip during winter, sky diving or maybe bungee jumping during autumn. Oh man, I really want to witness the tranquil scenery. Not Australia. Not even once I thought of Australia. Finger crossed.

When I heard the announcement, my name was called for Macquarie University, which is in Sydney, Australia. I bit my lower lip to suck in my tears. I was shocked. Dumbfounded. Especially when I tilted my head around, I was never close with any of others whom being sent to Macquarie.

"Damn! How can I survive this" I thought to myself.

Few months passed, I was wrong. I was totally in love with Sydney. Indeed I still am. It really suits my soul, my style of studying, my social life, my tension-reliever needs (i.e.: shopping) and of course, I found my other half there. maybe, I wouldn't experienced all these if I was in New Zealand. Maybe I wouldn't have a chance to be part of Malaysian Students' Association and meet awesome friends with gorgeous attitudes there. During my second year there, I paid a 3 weeks visit to New Zealand. I was excited and ridiculously happy about the trip. I had the chance to fulfill my Year 1's secret plans there. It was maniacally exciting yet it seemed nothing there can beat my passion for Sydney, my second home. As much as I dragged my feet when I was leaving for Sydney from KLIA, I dragged my feet even more when I had to come back to Malaysia on December 14, 2007.

It proves to me that God has His own agenda after all. He knows what's best for me.

I guess this time around, He's testing me again. I am experiencing exactly the same hurdles of wind in my stomach. It is rumoured that B.ed TESOL Menengah postings will be announced tomorrow. I am nervous about it.

Wrong! I am damn nervous about it.

My other half and I put Johor as our choice but we'll never be sure of what it would be. The reason why I lay my finger on that southern part of Peninsular Malaysia's map is because I think it would be easier if I need any help from my sister (since my father passed away, she's my pillar of strength) as I am quite nervous in teetering my new life alone. Plus, we have been told that Johor is lacking of English teachers.

I can pull cable if I want. I was tempted when my mom asked me a few months back. My secondary teacher was willing to help me with the posting as he works in PPD Pontian now. But when I did some thinking, how selfish I could have been if I ever accept that offer. I am not attacking anybody here, it's just my humble opinion. If, I cause endless troubles to another person who is really in need to be in the school where I was posted, what will happen to that person? Let say, (s)he needs to take care of a sick mother but couldn't afford to do so because of the distance, what will happen to the mother?

Now, what I can do is wait and trying to be positive for the results tomorrow. I know if I don't get what I want, I will be severely disappointed and have a mood swing all day (alert to bb ;p). But I also know, the disappoinments will only be temporary.

Wherever I will be posted, I believe God has a great plans for me ahead. He is the one who really knows what I need after all. Plus, how could I know that the place is worse if I have never been there yet?

He has done once with my placement in Macquarie, He might do it again.

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