Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey You! Yes, You. You Float My Boat!

I re-read all of my previous posts that touched my workplace.
Full of crankyness, I would say.
Like they say, first year is always the toughest!
Indeed, it was!
Even though I was struggling hard to face the hurdles, I was not even close to scratching the surface of teaching.

2010 is a bit different.
I am more prepared!
I can say that I can sort of easily brush off emotions that I do not even want to taste a tinge of it.
I start to get better in indirectly straighten up the monkeys in my classes.
Almost every day, I manage to smile heartily to other teachers after I stepped out of the most troublesome class in my school.
How? I hear you ask.

Rule No. 1: Be pretty.
Every day, wear something pleasant to look at.
Spend some money for your wardrobe, your shoes, your bags.
Try to pamper yourself to a saloon once in a while.
Re-fresh yourself each time before you enter a class.
More importantly, try to look even more stunning for lower classes.
It works wonderfully, I assure you.
Even the dumbest and rudest student would listen to you.
Most (not all) teachers disregard this as important.
But heck, any other way to get their attention before captivating their eyes on you?
Besides, what's there to lose?
You'll look good, the attention is good :p

Rule No.2: Actions, not words.
I have a disciplne journal for each class that I teach.
I show it to the students the first time I enter the class.
I made them sign the agreement.
This serves as
black and white reminder to the students and if needed, to be shown to their parents.

For instance, if the students are late,I lock both doors, then ignore them even if they scratch the doors.
Just teach the rest.
Then, as loud as possible, I warn the students that I'll record those who are late as playing truant.
And if they dare to not submit my works, I will scribble another record.
This should lower their heads down next time.

Same goes if the students keep unnecessarily talking while I am teaching.
I will firmly ask the students to leave the class.
Then, I warn the rest that I will record them as playing truant once they step out of the classroom.
Reason? I do not see them in my class.
Hence, such record is valid

Last year, I used to ask them for reasons, nagged them for good 20 minutes, ignored the innocents and for all I knew, they were still late and kept talking in my next class.
So, why bother to tell if they do not want to listen?
Show them, and they will comprehend.

Rule No. 3: Be generous
Not with money, but with extra marks.
I told my students that their homework carry 10% of their examination marks.
Neat works that complete with days, dates and indexes entitled them to a stamp.
Piles and piles of homework submitted on my desk.

I also emphasize the importance of their effort in my class.
For every little desirable gesture, be it volunteer to read or group work, I reward them with a sticker.
I make sure they understand 10 stamps/stickers = 1 extra mark in exam.
This will somehow boost up their confidence in trying to learn English.
And hey, this helps your GPMP too! hehehe =p

Rule No. 4: Love, Not Hate
Each time I scold a student, I make sure I explain to them afterwards.
I tell them them that I dislike their wrongdoings, not them.
It will not hurt to give them a pat at the back before you leave them as they are willing to listen to you.
This, I believe, will somehow melt their hearts.

Hah! What a long entry!
It's been a while, huh? hahaha
So, why am I writing this?
Just because... I can. Oh, how I love holidays! :p

Till then, toodles!

p/s: And.... taraaa.... I manage to downsize to size S! Oh man, life is good =D


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