Friday, March 19, 2010

Gosh! I Love The Way You Look At Me.

I have been hooked up to some online stuff, that I find a bit interesting to share them here :)
I found these videos/vlogs are a bit therapeutic whenever I need something to laugh away the negative vibes around me.

Here. Spread the love, love :)

#1 Russell Peters
Hands down for this one.
This guy really has some balls!
He might sound a bit racist but he's so good at pointing out our differences.
Heck, he even made fun of his own people :D
He's just... brilliant!

#2 Community Channel
Totally hillarious and wittily, pleasantly wicked.
Basically, she just vlogs about things that happen in our daily lives, things that could be happening to you too!
But,she is soooo good at it.
Funnily enough, I sometimes caught myself doing/thinking the same stuff too.
That's why I found that I am easily amused by her, I guess.
Anyway, here's my favourite of hers. Oh, and this too!

#3 Unknown

Ok, this one should trick your mind a little bit.
But I really think this is amazingly creative.
I've never seen so many dicks before!
(Except from this one scene in Eurotrip, if that counts!)
Hah! Otak2 kuning sekalian, switch off your pervert minds, like... now!
Nevertheless, enjoy it!
And this too!

#4 Mark Gungor
This guy talks about the differences between men's and women's brain.
He is so hillarious and shamefully, I am quite agreed with his opinion.
He's just..... arghhh! Why don't you just take a peek at his video.
Talking about the big ball of wires in MY head (hahah!)
I just wanna shout out heaps of thanks to The Boyfie.
It's been a great holiday this time around.

Again, it is a bliss to spend some time with you Bb. Thank you, darl!
(Good God, I can't stop smiling!) :D
*Ok, I better stop. By now, it sounds a bit mushy already. Ha. Ha.*

And another string of wire says "Oh, I so want a shoeseum of my own!"


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