Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ouch, It Hurts Man!

I believe that by now, the workload is taking its toll on all of us.
Those who are not genetically born with clean, glowing skin should be having acne problem every now and then due to the burdening stress.
I admit that I am one of those unlucky person =(
Few years back while I was stressing up with tons of assignments, I did some readings and watching some Youtube videos on how to decrease if not prevent it from getting worse.
I found out an amazing DIY mask that helps to cure the acne and red blemishes.
Here, I want to share this simple DIY mask with you.
Who knows it might work on you too =)

Do you know that aspirin (yes, the painkiller) is amazing for your skin?
Medical s
tudies have shown that aspirin, which is made out of salicylic acid also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), is a good exfoliator that removes the dead skin cells off and allowing the new skin to regenerate.
This spells a good, inexpensive way to reduce acne!
And oh, it could also prevent skin cancer!

Disclaimer: DO NOT try this mask if you are allergic to aspirin!

So, what do we need for this DIY mask?
  • 3-5 tablets of non-coated aspirin
  • 3 drops of honey
  • A few sprinkles of water
  • Facial toner
  • Facial moisturiser

1) Take 3-5 aspirin tablets on a saucer
2) Sprinkle (I really mean sprinkle) a few drops of water
3) Wait until the tablets dissolve by themselves as shown in the picture
4) Add a few drops of honey. Mix them until it forms a sticky, grainy mixture. *If you are allergic with honey, substitute it with aloe vera*
5) Apply the mask on your face and wait for 10 minutes before you rinse it off in circular motion to exfoliate your skin.
6) Apply toner and moisturiser.
7) Your skin should feel extremely soft and smooth by now.

Note: Use this mask once or twice a week, depends on your skin. Do not over do it because your skin will grow tolerant to this mask.

Still confuse?
I know some of you still need visual help to enhance your understanding (I'm joking) :p
Here's the video of the girl that inspires me to try out this mask.
Good luck, son!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

No Worries, Mate!

Being a teacher in Malaysia does not spell a half day work with easy pay by the end of the month like most of the Malaysians assume.

It means dealing with aggressive students and parents, endless paperwork, handling a long list of co-curricular activities, tons of irrelevant chores and finally a tinge of teaching.
In short, Malaysian teachers are not teachers, but can be categorized as super multitasker if not supermen and superwomen.

However, there is a thin line between Saya yang menurut perintah dan Saya yang kena perintah.
I'm going to share some tips on how to be a selective worker.
Yes, I am still new in this profession, but can be considered as veteran in dealing with 'parasites'.

Saya yang menurut perintah:
  • The list of responsibilities is written in black and white. And if you are lucky to work with professional individuals, your work will be assigned and elaborated in a formal meeting.
  • The sheet is signed by the authorities. When I say authorities here, it means the KJs who have the power to strangle your neck if they do not like your quality of work, abuse your emotional by delaying your pay, 'forget' to approve you as DG41 and worst of all kick you out of the school.
  • If you are being assigned by any of these authorities, you better gear up and finish off the work.
  • Why? Put on your spectacles and re-read point no 2.
Saya yang kena perintah:
  • The list of responsibilities is piled up on your shoulder verbally or written (yes, via an SMS or stick-on notes).
  • It is not signed by the authorities. And of course, no formal meeting needed.
  • You meet these self-proclaimed KJs at the canteen or while you're rushing to your next class. Worst of all, while you're washing your hands in the toilet.
  • If they do not bring the task with them, they will ask you to go to their rooms before a certain time (depends on their availability)
  • This, my friends, is Saya yang kena perintah. For your own sake, find creative ways to avoid these parasites.

*While washing my hands in the sink, rushing to the next class*

@!@ : Norzie... hah, nasib baik jumpa. TESL kan?
Me : Ye, kenapa kak?
@!@ : Ni, mintak tolong translatekan survey tu jadi BI. Tak banyak, 15 pages jek. Minggu depan nak gune nih. Alah, lupe nak bawak pulak, sebab tak sangke boleh jumpa kat tandas ni. nanti pegi bilik akak sebelum Hari Jumaat, siap sebelum Rabu yek. Tau, jangan lupe tau.
Me : *smiles sweetly* Ok, bebila free saya dtg. (Surely I won't pass by your room before Friday)
@!@ : Oh ye, lagi satu, esok tolong ganti akak jage bebudak latihan rumah sukan. Akak ada hal la, nak jaga kendarat orang kahwin.
Me : Esok ye? Nama saya ada ke dlm list tu?
@!@ : Takde, alah, tolong2 la ye. Akak ada hal la.
Me : *starts imagining myself turning into green, chopping her head off* Tengokla camana kak, esok saya ada latihan memandu. Tak boleh tukar sesuka hati, nanti lambat la saya dapat lesen. (No, this is a big fat lie. Mine is scheduled in March)
@!@ : Alah, try call la sekolah memandu tu, mane tau bole tukar.
Me : *squeezing, fit her in the nearest toilet bowl*
Ok, no worries. Ada kelas ni, saya pergi dulu

See... use your creativity to brush them off. Till then, toodles!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Running in Reverse, You Change Not

Dear X,
One thing you should have known is that I am a human with feelings.
And you should have noticed that my quietism is only a facade.
A facade to fight the urge to show the neatly wrapped loathing.
My unrequited love is no longer there.
What's there is just sympathy.
From a human to another human (if you're still one).

Only my belief in God that keeps me tolerate your brainless utterances.
Irk me more not, 'coz the limit is almost at its brim.
Change, and you'll be loved back.
Change, 'coz you will need the love, soon.

I'm still young, strong and independent.
You should worry if I turn my back to you.
That, is what you should worry, really.

I have had enough.

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